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Issued at 21/10/2014 7:56am. Valid till 24/10/2014 6pm

Arthur's Pass

Current avalanche advisory
High Alpine

Above 2000 meters


1000 to 2000 meters

Sub Alpine

Below 1000 meters

Avalanche Danger Scale
Avalanche Danger Scale
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No rating insufficient information

No rating insufficient information
There is insufficient information available to establish a danger rating. This may be due to a lack of personnel in the area in early or late season or during a prolonged storm period. Avalanche conditions may exist and a conservative approach should be taken if travelling in Alpine terrain. Use a conservative approach and try to seek current conditions from a local source; Plan your trip, Discuss your intentions with someone, Check the weather, Know how to recognise when you are in Avalanche terrain and Carry appropriate safety equipment.

Recent Avalanche Activity

Recent Avalanche Activity
A cycle of wet slab and wet loose avalanches occurred during the violent and warm NW storm last Thurs/Fri/Sat.

Our observation network is limited at this time of year. Please let us know if you have been out and seen any activity.

Current Snowpack Conditions

Current Snowpack Conditions
Above 1600m a dusting of new snow during Monday has coated an other wise refrozen spring snowpack.The rain soaked snowpack has had a chance to drain from last week's drenching, and cooler temps since Sunday night will have helped to lock up the old snow at least on the surface.

After an overnight freeze, sunny aspects will likely soften and weaken during the next few days as skies remain mostly clear and heat from the sun strong. Remain wary of steep gullied terrain fed by sunny catchments up higher as these could act like channels for wet slide avalanches to run down below the snow line.

Gather you own field observations from low angled or short slopes that have little/no consequence before committing to larger slopes.

Mountain Weather

Mountain Weather
Clear skies with cool southerly breezes are expected until Thursday when freezing levels will increase as a new W to NW flow moves across us. We should get overnight freezes to the snow, but the sun will quickly weaken areas facing the northerly half of the compass.

For the latest updates to the weather forecast and how this might affect your travel plans, click on the Metservice link below:

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Sliding Danger

Slide For Life
Cooler temperatures have likely refrozen surface snow layers and created a hard slick surface. Be wary of the terrain below you and where a sliding fall might take you. Use appropriate safety equipment like ice axe and crampons if necessary.

Forecast by Gordon Smith

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