Course Providers

Find out where you can get the skills you need to travel in the backcountry. We’ve collated a list of potential providers below.

However, it is worth noting that these providers all deliver different services/products, they may not be available in the area you live, and they don’t necessarily deliver courses in all disciplines to all levels. 

This list has been compiled by the NZ Mountain Safety Council (MSC) to assist you in finding a training course provider. It is not an exhaustive list of providers and there may be others you wish to contact. Providers listed below who are approved to deliver MSC ASC1 or ASC2 courses have this indicated. MSC recommends you undertake your own research in order to find a training course provider that suits you.

Professional Avalanche Courses

Recreational Avalanche Courses

MSC is moving to new names for its avalanche course material. This change has been made to make clear that there is a progression from ASC1 to ASC2, and to make it easier for people to recognise what level they have been taught to. 

  • Avalanche Awareness will now be known as Avalanche Skills Course 1 (ASC1). This is a shorter, introductory course typically taught over 1.5-2 days or as part of a wider skills course.
  • Backcountry Avalanche will now be known as Avalanche Skills Course 2 (ASC2). This is a longer, more comprehensive course for those who have some avalanche education under their belt and already have some experience recreating in avalanche terrain. This is typically taught over 4 days or as part of a wider skills course.


Central North Island


Wanaka + Queenstown

Are you a training provider and not on this list? Contact us to find out how you can be added.