Trip Planning

It's essential to have a good understanding of the avalanche dangers present on the day. You'll also need to understand what the weather will be doing, the ability of your group, and make sure to take the right gear. Read more

Backcountry Access Policies

Below are links to backcountry access policies or information for tourers at various ski areas across New Zealand. Follow the link to the operators relevant webpage or document, in some cases you'll need to scroll to find it if it's amongst other information. Read more


Our Public Observation Competition is on this seasonCheck out the 2021 Competition details below to see how you can enter and what is up for grabs. Public Observations 2021

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New Zealand Avalanche Dispatch

Sep 2021 Click the cover to read

June 2021 Click the cover to read

September 2020 Click the cover to read

June 2020 Click the cover to read

If you are interested in learning more and keeping up to date on the latest research and publications check out the following available avalanche publications.... Read more

NZ Guidelines & Recording Standards for Weather, Snowpack & Avalanche

Continuous information about the weather, snowpack condition, and avalanche occurrences is essential for making decisions about avalanche safety in mountain operations including ski areas, guiding operations (heliski or ski touring), and road safety operations. Read more

International Avalanche Centres

Heading overseas? If backcountry trips are on the agenda, it's imperative that you check in on what the local conditions are like. Often there are big differences in snow types, terrain, and weather patterns that you may be unfamiliar with. Read more

Avalanche Incidents in New Zealand

An in-depth look at 20 years of avalanche incident dataPublished June 2021Recently the NZ Mountain Safety Council conducted an in-depth analysis of 20 years worth of reported avalanche incident data. Read more