Trip Planning

"Safety in the outdoors is a result of thorough planning and good decision making" - Mike Daisley, MSC CEO 

 This is especially true when you're heading into avalanche terrain. It's essential to have a good understanding of the avalanche dangers present on the day. Read more

International Avalanche Centres

Heading overseas? If you're intending on backcountry trips it's imperative that you check in on what the local conditions are like. Often there are big differences in snow types, terrain and weather patterns that you may be unfamiliar with. Read more

Avalanche Publications

If you are interested in learning more and keeping up to date on the latest research and publications check out the following available avalanche publications


Crystal Ball
Canadian Avalanche Journal 
The American Avalanche Review

#MakeItHomeNZ Read more

NZ Guidelines & Recording Standards for Weather, Snowpack & Avalanche

Continuous information about the weather, snowpack condition and avalanche occurrences is essential for making decisions about avalanche safety in mountain operations including ski areas, guiding operations (heliski or ski touring) and road safety operations. Read more


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