Here we share stories from the alpine community, as a way to use learnings from others to improve avalanche safety and awareness. Dive into the stories below and share!

A personal quest for avalanche awareness  | Owen's story

Miscalculations and poorly based decisions while on the mountain can be enough to change one's perspective on safety.  For Owen Daniell, this rings true as he reflects on a “terrifying” avalanche incident while ski mountaineering two years ago in Mt Aspiring National Park. Read more

It’s not a waste of a trip if you survive right? | Will's story

To climb Aoraki/Mt Cook’s East Ridge to then ski 2000m down New Zealand’s largest skiable slope is not for the faint hearted. Rather, it’s for three of the country’s most skilled and confident alpine and ski mountaineers. Read more

As told by an avalanche forecaster | Chris Cochrane

Knowing a mountainous region like the back of your hand is a special skill, but it’s the reality for the forecasters of the New Zealand Avalanche Advisory’s (NZAA) 12 regions. Read more