Here you can watch and learn the basics for staying safe in the mountains.

Avalanche Awareness Series

In this video series you will be introduced to the important steps of avalanche awareness from planning to rescue techniques. Read more

Alpine Snow Skills Series

Welcome to the Alpine Snow Skills Series. These short videos will show you how to how to use basic snow equipment like crampons and an ice axe to assist your safe travel in alpine snow terrain using the correct equipment and techniques. Read more

Snow Safety with Southern Approach

This useful mini-series is brought to you by Southern Approach NZ (with the support of Black Diamond and Scarpa) in order to introduce key components of snow safety on backcountry ski-touring trips. Read more

International: Various

Below is a selection of videos from around the world to help in your understanding of avalanche risks and techniques used to mitigate the impact on you and your group.   

High Fives Foundation 

In The Snow

#MakeItHomeNZ Read more

International: Orthovox Safety Academy Lab

This series is Austrian but is a great resource for all countries. Watch with captions on.  

Series Trailer

Watch the whole series Read more