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NZ Guidelines & Recording Standards for Weather, Snowpack & Avalanche

Continuous information about the weather, snowpack condition, and avalanche occurrences is essential for making decisions about avalanche safety in mountain operations including ski areas, guiding operations (heliski or ski touring), and road safety operations. Read more

Avalanche Incidents in New Zealand

An in-depth look at 20 years of avalanche incident dataPublished June 2021Recently the NZ Mountain Safety Council conducted an in-depth analysis of 20 years worth of reported avalanche incident data. Read more

Above and Beyond Mountaineering Research

NZ Mountain Safety Council's exploration of the culture, behaviours and attitudes of the New Zealand mountaineering community towards avalanche safety.    Published February 2023 

The New Zealand mountaineering community is one full of rich history and deep passion. Mountaineering is interwoven into the fabric of our country’s history. Read more

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