Above and Beyond Mountaineering Research

NZ Mountain Safety Council's exploration of the culture, behaviours and attitudes of the New Zealand mountaineering community towards avalanche safety.   

Published February 2023 

The New Zealand mountaineering community is one full of rich history and deep passion. Mountaineering is interwoven into the fabric of our country’s history. From Māori using passes to move through the mountain ranges, to more modern-day heroics such as Sir Edmund Hillary, the mountains of Aotearoa are part of our identity.

MSC analysis of avalanche incident data between 1999-2018 highlighted that of the 27 avalanche fatalities in New Zealand during this period, 70% of them involved mountaineers. These findings naturally raised some questions – why are mountaineers in New Zealand so overly represented in avalanche fatalities?

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We are looking for real stories from the mountains

This research has identified the importance of sharing experiences and learnings. These stories provide valuable insights and first-hand accounts that other mountaineers can benefit from. We'd like to hear from mountaineers who have experienced an avalanche, or made the decision to turn around or change objectives due to your assessment of the conditions. Your story doesn't need to be an epic adventure!

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