Below is a range of educational resources to get you started.

What's the NZ Avalanche Advisory?

Welcome to the NZ Avalanche Advisory (NZAA), New Zealand's official backcountry avalanche forecasting network. The NZAA provides public avalanche advisories for 12 regions across the country. Read more

A user's guide to the New Zealand Avalanche Advisory

The New Zealand Avalanche Advisory (NZAA) provides an avalanche forecast for 12 regions of backcountry terrain in New Zealand. These forecasts are written by snow safety professionals based on the information they have about the current snow conditions and the expected weather for the forecast period. Read more

Safety in avalanche terrain

In order to be safe in avalanche terrain, you need to cover these three components before you go.  

1. Have the trainingProper training is essential to fully understand the avalanche forecast and interpret the information correctly. Read more

Online Avalanche Course

This course is a beginner's guide to avalanche forecasts, danger scales, danger types, and some of the mitigations available to those heading into the backcountry. We highly recommend you take the necessary avalanche rescue equipment (Shovel, Transceiver, Probe)  and seek out specific training on avalanches and backcountry travel. Read more

Course Providers

Find out where you can get the skills you need to travel in the backcountry. We’ve collated a list of potential providers below. Read more