Below is a range of educational resources to get you up to speed in no time. 

How To Use The NZAA

Safety In The Backcountry 1) Understand the avalanche forecast for the region you'll be travelling in - This is what the NZ Avalanche Advisory (NZAA) website is all about!
2) Have the necessary avalanche rescue equipment. For more info click here. Read more

Online Avalanche Course

This section is a beginners guide to avalanche forecasts, danger scales, danger types and some of the mitigations available to those heading into the backcountry. We highly recommend you take the necessary avalanche rescue equipment (Shovel, Transceiver, Probe)  as well as specific training on avalanches and backcountry travel. Read more

Course Providers

Find out where you can get the skills you need in the outdoors. We’ve collated a list of potential providers below. Read more